11 Cities Holland Board

It has had to be one of the SEXEST boards EVER!

HOLLOW - EDGE PRO 2.0 - Special 11 Cities Tour Edition

HOLLOW - EDGE PRO 2.0 - Special 11 Cities Tour Edition

Getting this board made has been one Hell of a story! Not to mention the mission actually getting it to the start of the SUP 11 Cities race Holland. A massive amount of work by our amazing factory to get what we think is one of the best looking boards ever made to the point of being ready in the super short time frame we gave them, well is just amazing and just cements why we get our board made here. These guys are not just our board makers they are so much more more and this is why we can produce amazing things like this.


But getting this board made was just half the story and as i am sure Chris Parker AKA “SUP RACER” will go into more detail getting this board from the factory to the actual event has been a whole new story within its self but really this is all part of the fun and adventure that we do this great sport for and if it was easy all the time then really how much fun would that be!! Nothing like a 24 hrs visit to pick up a Board to only never leave with it lol.


This is the NEW EDGE PRO 2.0 HOLLOW in all its glory, it has a full custom paint work and all under 10kg, this board is made for speed and those who want to go fast!!

Do you want your own board like this? contact us today and we can either put you in contact with one of our importers or if you would like to just deal direct with us then please just shoot us a email and lets get one of these boards under your feet ASAP.

This very special board was based around the 11 Cities SUP Tour in Northern Holland (Friesland) hence the Special Friesland Flag Graphics but also is a very special board in collaboration with SUP RACER the man himself as he is racing this board the 220km through northern holland in the 11 Cities 5 day race.


The board is also special in the fact this will be the first HOLLOW Edge Pro 2.0 in Europe for everyone to see.

Thank you to SUP 11 City Tour , SUP RACER and our ONE Factory Team

It is also FOR SALE!!! So if you are interested be sure to contact the man himself SUP RACER as this board will be SOLD




So after SUP racer released the EDGE pro 2.0 yesterday at the SUP 11 CITY TOUR in Holland we have had many questions, so we thought we would answer a bunch of these here so everyone can get the answers at the same time.

Question 1: Does it only come in 21.5” and 23.5” sizes?

Answer: No, the 14ft Edge PRO 2.0 can come in any size you like but if you want it in Hollow then these are the 21.5 and 23.5 sizes, if you want a size out side this then it has to be made in Carbon skin in ultralight or standard carbon. If we get a lot of requests for a larger size in Hollow then we will look at this option so please if you would like wider then let us know.

Question 2: Does it turn?

Answer: Yes and it turns quite well, it can take a bit of practice but once you work it out you can turn it as good as most square tail boards.

Question 3: Is the custom colour you did for the 11 cities board just a one off?

Answer: No, we can do custom colours on any board and if you pre-order then this is a option you can take advantage of. If you check out our pages or website you will see many different colour combos.

Question 4: Who is a board like this for?

Answer: Well, If you are someone who wants the fastest then this is the kind of board you are more than likely wanting. Maybe not the best first board for someone but if you want a board for all these long distance races where glide of the board is key then this is it. A lot of our top riders will race this board and it will and anyone that is looking for that something extra.

Question 5: Is it a boat or canoe?

Answer: Haha this is always a funny one and the answer is of course is no it is 100% a stand up paddle board. Gone are the days when we were just trying to make over size surfboards and if you want to go fast then shapes like this are the way that it has to be. With our sport also so diverse and really only a small part has anything to do with the surfing side we do feel that a majority of people now paddling have no problem with boards now heading in this direction.

Question 6: Are these for sale yet?

Answer: Yes, these are now in full production and we have already shipped many out, if you would like to order one please contact us and we can either help you direct or help put you in contact with someone who has them on order.

Do you have more questions? please feel free to ask away and we will do our best to answer them or send us an email directly to jacko@onestanduppaddle.com or angie@onestanduppaddle.com

Junior Profile - Maddie Mcasey

We at ONE love supporting and watching our younger SUP’ers Learn and Grow. So we thought there is no better way then to introduce you to our Little Stars around the World 1 by 1.

Starting with young MADDIE MCASEY from New Zealand.


Name - Maddie Mcasey

Live - Auckland, New Zealand

Q. What Conditions do you like?

A. I love being in the surf and technical racing.

Q. How was it competing at ISA China Last year?

A. Competing in China was an amazing experience it was my first time racing outside my own country. I also broke my collarbone before and l recovered after surgery with only one month to train. I wasn’t at my fitness point but i was still pretty fit. I also had to do the 18km race as Annabel Anderson was injured. It was my first time a have ever done 18Km. I didn’t come last and it was the hardest conditions i have been in but it was an amazing experience and l would love to do a surf race overseas.

Q. What is your favourite type of SUP Racing?

A. This is definitely Surf racing because it’s so technical.

Q. Any people that have helped you along the way so far?

A. Yes definitely my family, my coaches and the people that i race with. Also Annabel Anderson she has been there a lot for me and was there from the beginning.

Q. What are your Goals for SUP Future?

A. Goals for the future i guess is just trying to be the best racer i can be and hopefully one day be at the Top of womens racing.

Q. What Events would you like to do?

A. Events l would like to do is race in Australia and do a downwind race in Hawaii but l still want to be the best female in NZ and see from there and be the best paddle i can be.

Thank you Maddie and we hope we can help you grow and look forward to watching you race. Thank you to Ocean Culture Auckland for helping Maddie enjoy her SUP racing.

HOLLOW - Pushing the Limits of Quality & performance!

Yes you read that headline correctly!

ONE has finished all Testing and the Cat is out of the Bag.

We have made what we believe to be a game changing construction - HOLLOW Carbon Molded

We have made it our mission with our Brand to bring you the Highest Quality, Strongest Boards, Lightest Boards on the market but also keeping it affordable.

The Finished Product is remarkable!

Light and Strong but also Perfection

What makes HOLLOW boards feel so different and why would you want this construction over a Foam core board?

A lucky few have already experienced our Hollow Storm ‘s in Australia and the feedback is exactly as we want from our customers that have demo’d one or been lucky enough to get one of these boards so far “WOW it’s like riding on AIR, it’s such a different feeling, it’s amazing” YEP we know, this is exactly want we want to bring to our customers. We want you to Love your board, love that feeling of flying on the water. Our Hollow construction gives you this experience.

Is it Tough? Yes Extremely Tough! Full Carbon,

Is it Lighter? YES to give you an idea the 14ft x 23” Storm 2.0 Dugout is coming out at 10kg finished

Is it Faster? YES, the shape is the same board as the standard Storm but it gives you the feeling of floating higher on the water, it’s flightier and catches any bumps with way less effort. The standard Storm is a amazing board the hollow is just the same but different!

Is it the same shape as my Current Storm 2.0? YES it is but just in Hollow Carbon Tech.

Is it way more Pricey to Buy? No, it will cost a little more than your normal Carbon race board but nothing crazy so make sure to contact your nearest ONE dealer for local pricing or if no local shop or importer contact us direct and we will be able to help you out any where in the world.

Will Hollow replace my foam core board? No and each construction have there place, the hollow construction just gives those who want nothing but the best a place to go. The regular carbon race boards are still amazing and if hollow was not a option they would be right at the top in all areas. Hollow has just opened a the door for those who are looking for that something different or those that might already be used to paddling hollow craft like skis and OC1.

As we have to Mold these boards we have available now to order from your shop or distributor now in …

14ft STORM 2.0 in 23” 24.5” 26” 28”

14ft EVO 2.0 in 22.5” 24” More bigger sizes are been worked on now. (EVO pro 2.0 to be released soon)

We will be adding all our Dugout Style boards to our Hollow construction line as time goes on. which will see our hollow line in Storms 2.0 , Evo Pro 2.0 , Edge Pro 2.0.


We have been Testing our Hollow boards for a long time now including our Unlimited 17’11 Dugout with amazing results.

Another exciting thing is our Team rider Kenny Kaneko will be riding a 17’11 x 23” Hollow Unlimited for his Molokai to Oahu Race this year. This was the very first hollow board we made for ONE.

Australia will be one of the First countries to receive the Hollow STORM and EVO 2.0 this coming August, Hong Kong very soon and Canada has their first Hollow board arriving start of June and this board will be at the Gorge Paddle Challenge.

We feel moving towards this construction removes the need for FOAM core’s, Surfboard foam core’s inevitably is bad for the environment and long term (Talking many many years down the track) Foam will be frowned upon.

Hollow boards are nothing new and You could say there are already some brands trying their hand at this type of board, 1 brand in Europe also have made it successful but we at ONE want it available to the whole world. Everyone deserves this Level of Perfection in a Race board.

So be sure to contact us either Directly or Contact your Distributor now and find out when you can get your hands on a Hollow Board!

The first shipment of Hollow boards heading to Australia have almost SOLD out already!!! Ask anyone that has tried this construction from us and the response is amazing.

Slide Show Below….

As always you can choose your own colour combo should you not want our standard Blue, Red or Pink

As always you can choose your own colour combo should you not want our standard Blue, Red or Pink

Our ONE Story....

Welcome to ONE…

So you are on our website checking us out and some may know who we are and others might have no idea.

For those that know us we guess it is a little easier to to understand what ONE is about.

Jacko, Steve and Ben Testing Boards in Currumbin Creek / ONE HQ

For those that might be on our site for the very first time and reading about ONE we hope the below Story gives you a understanding of Who we are, What we are about and Want to achieve. 

Our Story…. So where did ONE Ocean sports come from and what is it all about? Well we guess we are just like many others that start a small business and the enticement doing something we love and from the very beginning this was a big part of why we started ONE.

With both Jacko and myself having travelled the world paddling and racing and being involved with every level of paddling from the very start of the sport. We started out by paddling on a big old borrowed 11ft sup board over 12 years ago, then fast forward to now - current time and we are involved in the sport at the highest level, winning World Titles for Racing and travelling the world. We have seen many things in our travels and see what has worked and what has not.

We are a quality based brand and this is something we feel can get a little lost these days, it's easy to get sucked into the race to the bottom for any business and where the quality gets lost for profits. This is NOT ONE!! We are not interested in how we can make a product cheaper. If it means any form of step backwards in quality or performance then we are not interested! 

The ONE.jpg

The word got out pretty fast that ONE were producing amazing SUP boards and we started growing all over the world. However compared to the Big Brands we are still Small but we never think Small. We do everything ourselves, we don’t employ anyone else, so when you see a spelling mistake on our Post’s, email’s or on our Website it has most probably come from Angie OOPPS sorry. Sometimes things can get crazy for us as we do take everything on ourselves. We are not a big corporate company and most probably will never be as we love the sport to much and we put back in to Board Development and technology some would say too much but that is what we do. We love paddling and bringing you only the best gear.

Taking ONE Global has been our best achievement



The story with ONE OCEAN SPORTS is more than Angie and Jacko who are the founders it is about making products that stand out from the rest and have the love and care put into every board you would expect . Our Business partners are also involved in racing, foiling and also work in their own companies outside of ONE, you all have most probably met them before too.

Not many people know our backgrounds. Jacko worked hard as a Labourer working the standard 5 or 6 days per week outside. Angie worked for a Large Fast Food company (some would say also pretty overweight) and worked her way up to regional manager but this lifestyle for both was never going to last and at the age of about 30 it all changed. We were also professional kitesurfers for many years, Jacko even Winning Australia Wave Titles but then we stood up n a SUP board!!! Our life changed, we loved it!!! Big old 11ft board, surfing and cruising in the Flats. We were hooked, the rest is history..

Ben Tardrew our designer is who we believe to be one of the best board designers in the world. A family guy with Twins and has spent many years Top level sailing and just loves to make boards go fast. Ben lives 1km away from ONE HQ in Currumbin so quite often you will even find the Twins here with Ben hanging out.

Ben Tardrew - on one of the first 12’6 EVO boards we did

For us going into season 2019 we are working to have a full production range of boards that are either Moulded PVC sandwich or full Moulded hollow boards, this will make the ONE range of boards unbeatable in the areas that get a little lost by many brands these days. We are making boards that will last they will handle the everyday paddling that you will want to be doing on the boards we make. Our boards maybe some of the lightest on the market but in no way are they fragile and this is a big part of the future for ONE.

We understand people do not want a board that they have to carry around in cotton wool and this is why all ONE boards are made to last and how you expect they should. This is the story of the ONE brand a brand as we think more about the customer than most, we are also a rider based brand from the very core and everyone involved in ONE has a passion for the sports we do. 

ONE is a bunch of frothing ocean sport riders bringing to you the Best products, we will never be Rich but we are making a living of what we love doing and it show’s in our products.

We have not had it easy and upon starting ONE we poured every single cent we had saved into starting our business, still to this day we do the same. To us it doesn’t feel like it as we Love the Sport and we are doing what we love BOUNS! We are fitness freaks and have great work ethics, love racing and all things ocean.


Storm 2.0

Always working on Technology… this board is something special. Stay Tuned..

We now have a international Headquarters based at the paddling mecca Currumbin on the Gold Coast. You can find ONE in most countries around the world and the list is growing all the time. We are busy, we work 7 days per week but we don’t let ourselves get caught up in the Office 9 - 5 job, if someone wants to go Paddle, Foil or Go surf we Go.

So take your marks and let’s GO!!

So take your marks and let’s GO!!

The Story of ONE is not so much in the past it's about the future and where we are headed. 

So are you coming along for the Ride with us cos it’s going to be a good ONE (see what i did there lol)

Zamami - Kerama Blue Cup - Japan

ONE Video on Zamami - below

So this is going to have to parts to the blog, the first part is all about Zamami the island and the great event that they put on here and the second part will be a little on the future of this event. Yes there is a big SUP race here on this magical island! and if you haven’t been to it, you have to go!


So lets get started on the really true positive and that is Zamami Island and it wonderful people, this is the 2nd time we have have been here and as you can see from the video this place is truely something magic. Zamami is a 1 hour fast ferry ride from Okinawa and as soon as you enter the islands water you can just tell how special this place is. 

We stayed in the Okinawa resort and for us as soon as we arrived the owners meet us at the ferry dock and took us to our accommodation which is nice and neat and perfect for your time on the island. We came to Zamami for the Kerama blue cup which is a Stand up paddle race in some of the most perfect waters you will ever see. The race it self is super well run and open to all levels they have a 18km, 6km, 1km and lots of kids races. The 18km race can be tough and will throw a bit of everything at the paddlers but for 2 hours you will get to paddle in some of the clearest waters on this Earth and around some of the best little islands you will ever see. The race can throw up all kinds of conditions but can be either glassy flat or have a bit of everything so be prepared as it can get tough!!

FULL MOVIE ABOVE and as you will see it is Worth coming not just for the Race but to enjoy this place.

The race is amazing but really only a small part of why you would come here and once the race is done the time to really enjoy the island begins! The events after party's are super fun and watching the locals who many just raced now get on stage and preform in their local music and dance is something very special and a must if you come for the event. The Race itself is highly organised as you would except by Japanese and caters for all racers, Long distance and Shorter distance. Get ready to race the Japanese as they are tough and don’t give up at all as most international riders find racing here.

With the event over the time to explore the island some more starts and, as you can see in the video getting around is super easy as you just jump on a bike and go for it, everything is super close and within a short walk or shorter bike ride. Swimming with the turtles is 5 mins from where you sleep and if you pick the right time of day it's almost guaranteed you will see them. 

The FOOD on Zamami is amazing it's just a matter of finding a hidden little gem which they are really on pretty much every street and you will be in food heaven!! So many places to eat and drink along with some western food choices too but you should eat local as it really is amazing.

One of the real special things about Zamami is the people and this is the one part that not everywhere has and just how nice every person is it is a place where everyone smiles and just enjoys life 100% of the time and for most people coming here it is good to see and makes any troubles one might have in the real world just seem pretty small. 

The Famous Kerama Blue Waters

The Famous Kerama Blue Waters

Ok so part two of this blog is about the future of this event, the event here has been running for 3 years now and was only ever put in to run for 3 years and if the event grew then it would possibly be run for many more years to come. The first year was fairly small but a still a good turn out for a very unknown event the 2nd year had very good growth as the word had spread so a lot of top riders wanted to come and the prize money was also very good the word from year 1 had spread which was perfect!! now we come to year 3 and numbers were down and this is not what the event wanted to see as it thinks about if it should keep running or if it should invest the locals people money else where. 

So why did the numbers drop one may ask and can it be fixed? Well the numbers dropped i feel for many reasons and i am going to try my best to go through some of these here and also offer a solution. 

With many saying the sport of SUP racing is dying it would be easy to just say that this is just part of that and oh well it was great while it lasted but this is not the case and not the case by a long shot!! In reality it is the complete opposite and the smaller numbers are due to just to many events and maybe a slightly wrong direction pushed by the race itself. 

With the race being quite a long way to go for many top riders and also so many other big events on at the same time getting top riders here is always going to be a little hard, most of the top riders will go to where the most money is and at this time of year that is Europe for the Euro tour so thinking that it is possible to get more than 10 or so top level riders is really just not possible to sustain in to the future and this has showed this year. 

The answer for this event is easy and it does not need the top riders to make it work it needs the everyday paddlers it needs the families who want to take their sup family on a trip to a event where they can race but also have a amazing time away together, it needs the paddlers who just love paddling as this is what this place is amazing for. 


Just having top riders is cool at a event but if the money is better somewhere else the chances are they will follow where as the people who just love to paddle will come because of the destination and not just because of the race. 

One only has to look at the APP events over the years and how they come and go as they only try and please one area of riders, with a event like Zamami that has so much to offer and could really appeal to the more broader average riders this is where the future is and then this event could really be something special that is around for many years to come!!  

So who is up for Kerama Blue Cup 2020? We will be back. Thank ONE Japan and Kenny Kaneko for your help during this Trip .

Achilles Injury from Hell - Angela Jackson (TAKE 2 Below)

I, Angela Jackson have Decided to Start to Blog on my Journey of my Injury. It’s Blunt, Real Life and exactly my feelings of what i am dealing with. This will interest those who know me, Athletes suffering injuries, Other People going thru Achilles Rupture, also those interested in How i have managed to so far not blow out like a fat blubber. You can follow my Blog on this Injury from hell and As a Top 10 Paddle League Elite Female Stand up Paddler Racer l will never give up on returning towards mid 2019. Caution there may be a few Swear Words…

Japan Cup Final - Line up. Moments before it all happened.

Injury - Full Achilles Tendon Calcaneus Avulsion. In Layman's Terms, i ripped my Achilles Tendon so hard from my Heel Bone i took bits of Bone with it and the achilles retracted over 8cm back up towards my Calf Muscle. FUN! well not so much

Fix - Surgery 100%, i had no other choice as Tendons can’t just attach to your heel bone without Anchors.  20cm Cut from Heel bone up towards Calf muscle and 4 Anchors inserted now holding my Tendon back on.

This is my First Blog from start of Injury to 4 month point….


My Full Achilles Tendon Calcaneus Avulsion

TimeLine -

17th September 2018 - Injury Occurred (In Japan at the Japan Cup SUP Race)

This wasn’t my best day but i do remember it every clearly, well actually the racing was fun, good sized surf and great racing was going down. Managed to keep my cool in the final to hit the Beach in 2nd place. Eyes looking ahead i knew i had to Sprint and Run hard to keep 2nd place. Come down from the waves riding it nice all the way in, Hit the Beach and BANG!!!! OUCH F**K!! My damn board smashed me in the back of my Leg!!! I fell over, got rolled around in the tiny rocky beach sand. Got up tried to Sprint again, NOPE Fell flat on my face!! WTF is going on. Little did i realise but my Board was actually NO where near me, the bang was the Achilles Tendon letting go!

It was at this exact moment i thought HELL i have broken my leg or foot, something is wrong. I tried to stand up a number of times, finally realising that SHIT!! I yelled for help!! Meanwhile most of the other Elite girls have already Run past me thru the finish line. Now my focused had shifted to more of a Fight to Survive mode. I was Yelling HELP!!! People came from everywhere like Flies!!! In all the confusion all i remember is fellow Aussie Racers and my good friend Fiona Wydle lifting me up and carrying me to a table. I was starting to panic but luckily i could hear my friends telling me to control my breathing. The questions started getting fired at me!!!

Japan Cup - Final Race Right before it happened

Japan Cup - Final Race Right before it happened

Where does it hurt? Can you move your foot? Is it your calf muscle? Is it a cramp?

The Moment Fiona Wylde picking me up

The Moment Fiona Wylde picking me up

Hahaha at this point i really had no idea on what was going on, it hurt but then the pain slowly just went away. I thing i did know was that just by looking at it my Foot was floppy and i could see a big ball of something near my calf muscle. Could i walk? HELL NO! So something was very wrong.

Ambulance is called and off to the Japanese ER i was with 2 good friends and an event translator. No pain relief given the whole time. Scans done and they confirmed in half english, My achilles tendon was Broke! Hmmm ok that’s not good. They were excellent, then put me in a Half Cast as my only option really was this and fly home the next day but to Australia.

It was at this moment i started thinking about my Travel Insurance

It was at this moment i started thinking about my Travel Insurance


all fun until Snap

My 2 amazing Nurses

18th September 2018 - A fun 9 Hour Flight Home to Australia in a Half Cast, All Confirmed with Jetstar

Could not have gotten Home without these Peeps…

Could not have gotten Home without these Peeps…

With help from Japanese friends and my good mates we managed to get everything sorted for my flight home and thanks to Jetstar Australia for also looking after me with a Whole row of seats so my leg could go up the whole home as i don’t think i could’ve done this flight with my leg down. My good friends Matt Nottage and Michaela helped me the whole way home as they flew home with me (I couldn’t have done this without these 2 legends) I can tell you my leg was the size of a balloon after 9 hours of flying!!!

All Done and was thumbs up for Carolina Cup in April which at the time was 5 months away. Current time update i am no where near ready to go

All Done and was thumbs up for Carolina Cup in April which at the time was 5 months away. Current time update i am no where near ready to go

Which brings me to landing at home YEW!! It felt like a safety net just caught me. My awesome mother in law was waiting for me for pickup and straight to the ER Hospital near by. I was admitted for the day whilst they did all necessary tests and checks. All confirmed with Full Achilles Avulsion from Hell bone. So all paperwork done. Full cast put on and now it was a waiting game for swelling from flight to go down and surgery booking time. 4 days past and i got the call that tomorrow was the day 24th September. Did i really know at that stage what was to come NO Way. Here was me thinking oh yeh i should be ok in 8 weeks for one of my favourite downwind races of the year The King of the Cut, i race i hold the record time for and have Won countless times.

King of the Cut Record Time 2017, 2018 was not ment to be

King of the Cut Record Time 2017, 2018 was not ment to be

24th September 2018 - Surgery and enjoyed the drugs for a few days. New Cast for 2 weeks.

I should tell you all now this is the first major surgery i have ever had in my life! Yep i have been pretty lucky up until now with Sporting injuries as an athlete and years of High Sporting Activity. Some Fun chit Chat with Doctors and Nurses before they put me under, i can’t even remember counting down from 10, i was out!!!! Woke up about 6 hours later in my Room and completely out of it, it was kind of cool feeling hahaha. Soon as i woke up i was back asleep, this went on for awhile hahaha. Pain? Nope had none but i knew that was the pain meds talking. Soon as i was wake good enough i was surrounded by so many Doctors and Nurses asking do you have pain? Me nope i am good. They explained my op took bit longer than they thought, 2 Hours it took. Mostly because of the Heel Bone fragments caught in the tendon they had to pick out. I stayed in hospital and got waited on hand and foot. I couldn’t see my leg, it was all covered up and nice and snug up high.

Got collected and home i went with my drugs. By this stage there was Pain and huge rushes of Blood every time my leg moved. All good leg raised and in bed with TV on. REST Time! Pretty much the same story for 7 days, on my back leg up and pain killers. This continued for 2 weeks at home…

9th October 2018 - Back to Hospital for Cast removal and stitches out. (First time seeing the handy work)

To say i was excited about going and getting this cast removed was an understatement!!! It was only really 2 weeks and i was over it, little did i know what laid ahead for months. Cast got cut off and stitches out! OUCH that did not tickle but i was excited. It looked good clean and tidy. Cast gone and i got Black Boot with 3 angle wedges! I was stoked with this. Still no weight bearing for another 4 weeks but hey at least i could take the boot off to shower now! BOUNS! I could also start some upper body activity in my gym, did some lite weight lifting with dumbells. Great to get the body moving even if it was small stuff. Got a knee scooter and got used to that thing pretty fast, i had a tiny sense of freedom again and could help hubby at supermarket etc… Scooter everywhere. Had my 1st Physio sessions, didn’t really do much was more tiny movements to get things moving again.

Handy Work 2 Weeks after…

Handy Work 2 Weeks after…

The Free Black Boot they give you here in Australia is very kind but boy oh boy it’s really shitty boot, i hated it. So i figured to do some research and found the Vacoped Achilles Boot online! Just a whopping $600!!! We figured that i was going to be sending so much time in the boot i would try to find a used Vacoped boot locally. I did!!! Turned out even in Small size and $200 Later and 2 days i had it. WOW it was so awesome!!! Set it at 30o angle and got an even up for the other shoe! I was in heaven and thinking WOW this boot is really going to make  difference for me. Weeks pass, physio 1 once a week movements getting better and better each time.

Cos i had broken Bone i was not allowed any weight bearing until week 6. The time finally came and i was allowed to lower my angle to move between 20o to 30o on Boot and take Tiny Steps with both crutches to help. It was working YEW!! Don’t get me wrong i was Stoked!!! But some days, well most days it felt like this was never going to happen and it really was like learning to walk all over again. I hated it!!!! I would get frustrated, sad and throw awesome temper tantrums. I just couldn’t do it and couldn’t see how this was going to get any better, i had no control and huge pains every time i tried to even weight bear a tiny bit!

Life in Cast and Boot for 14 weeks with my Scooter

Life in Cast and Boot for 14 weeks with my Scooter

6 Weeks to 10 week point was what i thought at the time the most Frustrating, Confusing point so far (Little did i know was yet was to come) I was still in the boot all the time but at 8 weeks i was allowed to take it off to sleep! Do you know how amazing it feels to have your Foot feel the Sheets!!! OMG Heaven. This made me so nervous cos i had read about so many achilles re rupture happen cos people have gotten their foot caught in the sheets or pushed to cover away in their sleep. So i slept with my leg surrounded by pillows and didn’t move it haha. I felt lucky to be now sleeping without the boot. Physio by week 6 to 10 also started getting harder, a lot more exercises to work on with Bands and very painful massaging but this is all part of the process and i was excited to finally see movement.  Towards the end of Week 10 (that’s 2 and ½ months now!!) my boot was at Neutral movement to 30o. This means it was almost like normal movement when you walk, a huge milestone then came when i actually started Prone Paddling back in the Water again!! OMG i was back in Ocean. So i got some normality back at 5am training sessions, whilst the other SUP Paddle trained around me i would just go Prone paddle around. I was so stoked! It was a mission to get to the Water itself, crutches and hubby carrying my board up and down all the time hahaha (thanks jacko for everything). Finally getting my heart rate back up, well trying! F**K i had become Unfit and put on 4kg up to this point! I needed to take care of this asap otherwise i was going to lose it all. My Fitness had gone, i was feeling the floppiest i have ever felt in a long time. It was hard mentally, so hard cos i really was trying to eat so well and Paddle and swim most i could but i was struggling. It is almost like your body is in a Fix up mode and all it’s focus is on recovery the injury and as a result my overall body makeup and fitness was suffering big time.


Headed over to Perth for the Big race King of the Cut but just a spectator and cheer squad! This was not FUN nor easy to watch as they had amazing conditions all week and race day was epic again.

There were days i would think i don’t think i am ever going to come back from this stupid injury, I’m DONE!!! My SUP racing time is DONE!!! I really do think this injury is one a person would really struggle with if you had a hard labour job or single parent, i really don’t know how you could do it. The struggles are so real.

Next day about 12 week mark, i am told i can try to Stand up paddle for a very short distance! HELLO!!! YES BABY, all is not lost. So that afternoon i am down there making Hubby (Jacko) carry everything and i am trying to stand up on my race board in the flat and paddle around. Was it easy? HELL NO! I think for about 10 sec when trying to balance i had in my head that wanker voice telling me ‘ your done mate you can’t even stand up on a 26” wide board’ then i keep paddling along HAHA, i was stand up and paddling along. It was not pretty my leg has NO knee bend at all. Lasted about 2km distance but it was something to be stoked with.

So now at 3 months Post op and i can Stand Up Paddle every second day max 6km at a time and Swim and Bike! Stoked! This was all going very well apart from the fact that my Fitness was Gone, really gone and i had no paddle strength at all. I was so far behind and still so far behind now! As a competitive person there is nothing more frustrating than having people you normally beat in a race just paddle past you like your standing still. I couldn’t stand it! I HATE it!!! Even at the supermarket really old (really OLD) people walk faster than me, even look better than me. Makes me sad.

Paddling in Squamish BC just after the Canadian Downwind Champs in July 2018

Paddling in Squamish BC just after the Canadian Downwind Champs in July 2018

So i got to the point of feeling ok about 3 and ½ months and thought i am going to try and keep up with the SUP training group this morning in the flat Water. YEW! I was pumped, still can’t bend my knee but hey i was feeling ok and wanted to try and push myself to paddle harder and keep up with them. Well for the first 4km out of a 9km training paddle i was doing just that!!! WHAT i was spent but i was hanging on!! HELL YEH i am Back baby!!! I can do this. In my head i am already thinking so Carolina Cup is in like 9 weeks, i can do this!! Will send my coach Boothy a message and tell him when i get back in from this training run. I am back!!!

THEN!!  cos i was sweaty as (and loving this fact) my hand slipped in the sweat and came off the top of my paddle. I fell Forward on my board and without even thinking i put my crap foot forward to catch myself and stop myself falling into the water. OOPPPSSSSS! OUCH!! That hurt!!! But then i stopped for a few minutes and lost the group. It hurt but was ok, so turned around with my tail in between my legs and paddled slowly back home. I was devastated in the fact i did this! I was like a lost puppy dog again heading home, head down and sooking. DAMN IT! I am not Back! F**K! Here i am just over 3 months and i still can’t paddle or keep up! Tears are shed yet again but i paddle home just waiting for the others to catch back up and over take me. As they do…

This is where things go wrong… the next day i can’t even put my Foot down!! WTF have i done! It’s so sore. My head hurts! I call my Physio (Josh he is frekin awesome) he said put boot back on asap and take weight off it please, oh and also let’s stop SUP Paddling again hey! WHAT NO!!! But i knew this had to be done. This was like my fellow injured friend and athlete (Annabel Anderson) says to me, we go forwards and backwards with these injuries, its apart of the journey. Annabel herself is also in the naughty corner with serious injury recovery mode. Boot came off 1 week later and back in shoes but i was struggling. Go to Physio and not even Josh can budge this foot, it’s almost Stuck in a lock position. I can’t walk on it, it’s like my recovery went backwards 4 weeks. I don’t like going backwards.

Don’t get me wrong by this time i am Ocean Swimming 2 - 3km / 3 times per week and also getting my fitness back on my stationary bike sessions 3 times per week. I got serious and changed my Diet and watched every single Marcos i put in my mouth. So since 3 Month mark to 4 month mark i lost 2 kg and actually started feeling really good with my fitness level. As an athlete i pretty much got to the point of i don’t care this is what i know i can do and this is what i have to do.

Back to Hospital for Surgeon check up and meet at 4 month mark. Walked into check up with shoes on and 1 crutch, limping of course. HMMMMM lots of chit chat but then i get rushed into new Scans cos i the concern it’s so tight, it is Sore and i slipped. 5 hours later done and i get told to come back in 1 week for results. Meanwhile Physio keeps getting done.

Finally D day at 4 months and 2 weeks now, this takes me to 30th January 2019! Yep over 4 months and still walking with limp (I can at times Walk pretty good by the way) or Stand Up paddling good enough to even get my Heart Rate above Zone 2. LAME!!! Appointment time. I get results and get to talk face to face to the Best foot surgeon on the Gold Coast! Did i get to hear what i want to hear? YES and NO.

So this is now where i am at 18 weeks post op. My Anchor points are great and strong! YEW good news you say. My Calf muscle is tiny and has shrunk, not so good. My Achilles tendon itself looks Weak and very Fibrous, this is not good news. My surgeon tells me i have a catch 22 situation, i have to really stretch the Calf muscle out but my tendon is weak looking! So what to do you ask? Well i have no idea really either. My Surgeon has given me and my Physio another 4 weeks to try and get it fixed. D - day 27th February. (takes me just over 5 months)

There have been moments were i have wanted to Punch people in the Face, i know they are only trying to help but i don’t care about the time you had a boot on for 6 weeks mate or that time you injured for 1 month. Talk to me after 4 months and see how your going! Selfish maybe but it’s real. In all this i still thank my lucky stars as i do see other people worse off than me, i still have 2 legs. Or i had an older lovely gentleman talk to me the other day whilst i had to sit down and have a rest walking into the bank, he proceeded to tell me about when he had a Foot ulcer and he couldn’t walk for 2 weeks and how he was so hard done by (That was my i wanna punch you in the face moment)

My journey with this Stupid injury continues. What will happen? I don’t know. There are more surgeries? I don’t know that either, possible. Will i even make 1 Elite SUP race this race? I don’t know.

One thing i do know, is that i am not giving up! My Diet is Good, i am feeling semi fit again, so i am giving myself the best opportunity to get on top of this. I am also an adventure Girl and know that my Favourite time Running and Hiking spent each year in Hood River Oregon and Squamish BC may not happen at a fast pace for 2019, more like a woddle or shuffle but l do not want to give up on the fact l will be there.

You can follow my journey along by keeping in touch with my Blog here on this.

So many people to thank so far, they know who they are. Especially Hubby Jacko and Mother in Law Sandra, they are both like my personal Bitches

Avulsion Achilles Rupture is not something you can go thru by yourself, you need a Team around you and for this a am forever grateful to have. Well they are still hanging around me for now hahaha

Will i be back? HELL YES i will be! Will i run again? Probably not this year. This year hmmm maybe not but a competitor never dies. As a Top 10 Paddle League Elite Female SUP racer l have a drive and that will never die. This is just all apart of Life’s journey. So stay tuned for my Updated on the 27th February….

So stay tuned for next Blog update soon….

TAKE 2 - It’s time for Blog 2

Well where do l start. I will try and take off from where l left after Blog 1 that l wrote on 31st January 2019.

Talk about Long Term Recovery, it’s NO Frekin Joke! To put it bluntly l feel like there will never be an end with this injury. Even thinking long term, Years ahead i feel like l am always going to be babying this achilles.

As l write this Blog 2 it’s April 26th 2019, so pretty much 7 months post 1st Achilles BOOM!

Is it better? NO

Am l frustrated with it all? YES

Will l give up on racing again? HELL NO

Am l learning to go with the Flow? YEP

After spending the Last 4 months since January myself, my Physio (Josh at SurfLife Physio) and my Surgeon have been trying so hard to allow me to get this Achilles Tendon Sorted out without another surgery. The Last thing l wanted i do was go through this whole damn surgery and recovery again but to no fault of our own the damn F**Kin Tendon won’t budge and it’s angry.

7 Months post 1st OP, l can’t walk without bad limp, No chance of Running and can’t Stand up Paddle more then 12km MAX. I have no agility in my bad foot at all and it Hurts all the time. I have attempted to Run / Jog HAHAHA Epic fail!!! It is impossible the way it is now.

Yep my broken Achilles healed way to short. They say it’s mainly because the bad trauma to suffered with my first snap. With this injury it seems everyone is different in some way, some are running and back to full activity by 6 months (this amazes me!!) and congratulations to them. Others are like myself looking at OP 2 whilst some others are heading into OP 5!!! FIVE DAMN times NO THANKS!!!!

Mentally this is a battle with the mind especially going into OP 2 but then l think of those going thru this 5 times over and say to myself, Harden the F##K up angie. Or those people way worse off then me, i mean don’t get me wrong, i’m healthy and living a life most would love to have and i am thankful for that but when you take something away from someone that they LOVE doing so much, it’s f**Kin hard to deal with.

So why has my Achilles healed short and nasty, well mostly because i was set at a 30c angle for 6 weeks because of my screws into my heel bone. Once any bone and tendon is involved you are in a shitty situation. It’s not just a snapped Tendon but also got broken bone involved. So being casted and in a boot at a 30c angle for 6 weeks to relax the tendon and let the bone heal can have a catch 22 effect as you can’t stretch the tendon out or fully weight bear. Then slowly every few weeks taking the angle back to 20c and then 10c and then finally 0c by week 12. We did so much stretching and physio to help it stretch out but after more scans we found the bad tendon way thicker and shorter then my good side. We tried and tried and it frekin hurt like crazy but it is stuck at pretty much 0c and i can not flex up at all.

I am paddling again and training with my Stand up paddle crew and there are moments that l actually feel ok and seem to get my speed back and feel pretty good, well in the Flat water anyways. I have tried to catch small waves but it’s fear of re-rupture and no agility in that leg that get’s to me!! I am so scared of re-rupturing it again before my 2nd OP. I am far from Top 10 racer in the world and no where near my former ISA World Champion Speed or Fitness but l am determined to get back to this level.

A Local Fun race i managed to do at Home 10 days out from 2nd OP

A Local Fun race i managed to do at Home 10 days out from 2nd OP

I have done 1 baby Downwind Paddle with my good paddle friend Kate Baker and my hubby following me with drone and checking in on me along the way. I made it and boy oh boy was it amazing!!! It truely gave me the FIRE to come back, whilst my fitness is shot to bit’s i could still read the bumps and manage to shuffle my way around on the board but l was far from having any Speed and felt so slow ( l am on the Green board in little Vid below)

So l am booked in for OP number 2 on the 9th May!! and l can’t wait! WHY you ask? Well because finally there is hope that l can get back to my high level of activity, Professional SUP Paddling, Running and doing everything at 100%. There is a higher risk of re rupture 2nd time around but l have to take the risk as i can’t live my life half arsed. I am someone that goes 100% in at everything.

It’s like going backwards to go Forwards and my surgeon is very confident that this will come good with the Z Lengthening surgery.

Yep l am looking at 2 to 4 weeks cast again and then up to 3 months in a Boot again and l don’t care really as l am so focused and excited at the thought of coming into Summer 2019 here at home in Australia and i will be at 100% Paddling Fitness again, training and aiming for a big Downwind race in Perth for November (King of the Cut)

If you had asked me back in 2018 when l came out of my first “Snapp” repair if l would be in the spot l am now l would’ve said NO way. I am about to miss the First major Stand Up Paddle race of the 2019 season, Carolina Cup and this was going to be my first race back. And just WOW really how faraway l really man from getting back to my top level now 7 months after my 1st OP.

I HATE THIS injury!!! It’s the pitts!! I have learned to simply go with the Flow and l also now have a good understanding of what to expect the 2nd time around, even small things like having my bed side table at home ready with all my things needed (Chargers, books etc…) even a Bell to ring for my hubby (hahah Jacko loves it) No driving again for 3 months as we have a manual Ford Transit Van.

I already had booked my Flight for the usual Major race in August at Hood river OR, will l make it there, I Don’t think so considering i will have just come out of my Boot by 1 week before and just the thought of Flying for 24 hrs makes my foot swell up and sore already. I most 100% defiantly won’t be racing at Hood river this year, which makes me very sad as this race is pretty much my favourite every year and the most competitive female race of the year.

Z Lengthening of Achilles tendon

Z Lengthening of Achilles tendon

Z Lengthening is basically just that, a Z cut of the Achilles Tendon and then they put it back together but with more length. This time around they Set it a 0c in the Cast. The Stitches stay in forever as that is what holds the tendon ends back together. I will also have some front ankle Scar tissue removed at the same time.

I know after the 2nd OP l have a great plan to get fit and Paddle ready for Summer here at home in Australia. I plan and will be racing at King of the Cut in Perth November.

So l am excited!!! Wish me luck and check in a few weeks after my next surgery. I have my Boot washed and Ready to GO :)

Hood River Elite Race August 2018 Pic - Georgia S - Paddle League

Hood River Elite Race August 2018 Pic - Georgia S - Paddle League

Let's Talk Race Board Constructions...


We are always pushing ourselves at ONE to only bring you the best gear, have a read below as we have a pretty cool release coming soon.




So as you will notice at ONE ocean sports we have a few different constructions and we thought now would be a good time to explain a little about each and where each constructions strength and weakness are. 


This is as it sounds and is a thin carbon skin over a foam core, we use this construction on a lot of the race boards as we can get good weights and still keep good overall strength in the board. It allows us to make a very stiff race board and a board that has a great feel. Probably one of the downsides is it can be a bit fragile to hard knocks and with only quite a thin skin it can ding. We at ONE do Carbon skin boards in a range of levels with Standard Carbon and Ultralight. 

The models we use carbon skin technology (Standard and Ultralight) on are…. 

14ft & 12’6ft STORM

14ft & 12’6ft EVO PRO




Over the years we have been bringing into the ONE line up the PVC sandwich boards, this construction we feel is one of the best on the market it offers very high strength to weight ratios and also allows for a very responsive flex in the boards. Race boards we offer “3” different constructions in the PVC sandwich, Listed below

Where the molded PVC boards really stand out is durability they can handle the knocks far better and one of the reasons we use this construction so much is the strength we get when taking these boards into the waves


This is a PVC wrapped top and rails with a wood bottom in a full epoxy glass layup, this is a little heavier than the other constructions but every thing else stays the same so you still get one of the best shapes in a very tough construction. 


This is a fully wrapped PVC boards with a epoxy half carbon to half glass mix, this construction is really the best of both worlds giving amazing durability and a weight that is equal to most top brands full carbon boards if not even lighter. 


Now this is the top end it is FULL PVC wrapped and Full carbon board it offers the best in weight to strength that the market has. 


14ft EVO 2.0

14ft EDGE 2.0

Molded in 3 Levels of Construction

Boards in the MOLDED PVC construction are

14ft EDGE 2.0 series

14ft EVO 2.0 Series

All production SURF sup's

All production foil and crossover foil boards

Touring boards




Yes that’s right this is something we have been working on now for a while and feel the time is right to now slowly start introducing the NEW ONE HOLLOW technology.

Right now we only have 2 models in the Hollow tech but this will expand as we slowly build new molds. 

Why hollow? well do you want a advantage over your competitor then this will be why!

“Lighter stronger and stiffer are just the start!”

Having most of the boards weight right under the standing area and reducing the swing weight in the nose, getting a board that feels so alive under your feet that nothing comes close this is HOLLOW. 

Who is hollow for? I guess its first target is the racer the person who wants the best, it will not be a board at the budget end but will be a board for those who want high end quality it will be the board you buy when you want it to out last everything else.

For those that already paddle Skis or any kind of hollow craft this will give you that feeling that you might have lacked when trying standard stand up paddle race boards.

So what are the down sides to hollow? Well one of the biggest down sides is you have to make a mold so changing shapes all the time is not possible and this is why we are bringing them in over time. We have started with our 14ft STORM series and will be adding sizes as we go, we have chosen boards that have been tested and proven to be race winning boards that also are user friendly. This has been part of the ONE goal from the very start and our main objective is to make fast boards but to keep them super user friendly so that the normal person can paddle and feel super comfortable on and this will continue right though our whole line up.

So what boards are made hollow right now?

Right now we have the following ready to go.

14 x 23 STORM 2.0 (Wider Sizes are being worked on NOW)

17'11 x 23 Unlimited

I know what you are thinking and these are just for the pros and top end racers and yes they are but these were the test shapes and the ones we have been able to put the hours into, we are now looking at expanding the 14ft STORM “HOLLOW” line with the wider sizes so if you are interested please contact us so we can get some feed back on the perfect widths to make!!


FINAL NOTE - Keep an Eye Out for ONE Team Rider Kenny Kaneko at this years Molokai 2 Oahu as he will be racing on a 17’11 x 23” HOLLOW Unlimited.

We hope this has given you a little more insight into what we here at ONE are about!!

Surprising results found - EVO 2.0!

Surprising results found from the EVO 2.0!!

dave white EVO 2.0.jpg

With the release of the EVO 2.0 happening around the world and boards soon to be unpacked we thought we would just give a bit more of a insight in to how good this board is and what you might be looking a using it for. 

Do you want the performance and feel of a dugout board but with out the hassle that come’s with the full dugout boards? Then this is the EVO 2.0!

This is the first flat deck board we have ridden that has been able to match what a Storm can do when it’s full Downwind but also have the endless advantages of the super user friendly flat deck. Having tested it against the Storm series boards we have come up with the below comparison which might just surprise a few people. 

EVO 2.0 Launch.png

Heavy downwind

Storm , this is what this board is made for it is a get on and let the board do the hard work for you. The storm requires very little input from the rider and is not a board that requires a huge amount of foot trimming. You can focus on timing and paddling and this is why the STORM line of boards has been so popular. 

EVO 2.0, so this is where in the past the STORM might have really blown the EVO line of boards away but not any longer. You will now find many of the STORM features in the EVO 2.0 and now is a board that is right at home in the heavy Downwind conditions. Yes the EVO 2.0 will require a bit more foot work but this is what is making this board so fun! A board that you can steer from the middle by just leaning on the rails or by stepping back on the super stable tail and surfing the bumps how they are meant to be surfed. We have found with just a bit more rider input whilst down winding the EVO 2.0 the EVO 2.0 can match a STORM.


Storm 2.0 is still a master when it comes to the upwind side of paddling with it's full nose and super pin tail the up wind ability is just unmatched. 

EVO 2.0 is much improved in the upwind ability but what makes it so great in other areas holds the up wind ability's back a little. We feel with how good EVO 2.0 board is in other areas, it was a good sacrifice and really who likes paddling up wind anyway!!LOL


SURF / Beach Racing:

Storm 2.0

is not a surf SUP race board but at it’s best it can handle going in and out through the surf to get to the downwind grounds but if you are looking for a board to catch waves on then this is not it, but it just so happens we have a board that might just be perfect!!

EVO 2.0

Now this board in the surf is amazing! It will surf the waves in with easy and pick up the tinniest bumps possible this really is a board that will reignite your fire to get back in to BOP racing. Made to be one of the toughest race boards on the market today it will put your mind at ease about what might have once happened to you fragile carbon race board and replace that fear with pure pleasure as you are pushing yourself like you never thought you would.


STORM 2.0 and EVO 2.0 are both very good in the flat, they might never glide as well as a pure flat water board but they will definitely be able to sit on the wash of flat water boards, while you just kick back and take a rest. The way both of these boards can find any bump or ripple is just crazy and if you do have to paddle glassy water by your self then both of these boards can do it perfectly fine. In fact the EVO 2.0 would also make a super fun touring board!! 

OVERALL: If you are wanting a pure downwind race board and want to go as fast as possible then yeah the STORM 2.0 is a killer board and you will love it but if you want that board that can downwind as good as anything but also open up the wave riding side and is still a super crazy easy board to ride then the EVO 2.0 might just be the ONE board quiver. 

Don't just take our word for it try and find a ONE dealer and sort a demo of this board as soon as it lands and we guarantee it will stoke you out as much as it has us

Paddle Care...

Buying a paddle, what to look out for and how to look after it.

So you have got your board sorted and now need the other piece of your Stand up paddle quiver which is the paddle. So how do you know what to get and what is right for you? well below is a guide of what paddle for what condition and what kind of paddling each paddling is suited to. 

Lets start with the very basic.

Alloy paddle:

This is your price point paddle and in a lot of cases this might be a paddle that is in a package. These paddles do work but they are not something you would want to paddle to very far with. 

They make great paddles for the kids as they are quite tough as far as knocks go. 



*Tough against knocks and being dropped on the ground


*Terrible to paddle with

*They bend if loaded up to much

*They sink once the foam inside gets water logged

*As most of the alloy paddles are adjustable they also seize up if not washed out every time you use they, if they seize you will not get them apart again.

Overall if it was free you would take it for the kids but really try and stay away from Alloy where possible.


Mid Range paddles:  

These are most likely a carbon/glass mix in the blade and shaft. You will find these are great as a touring style paddle and can hold up against the knocks a little better than a high end full carbon paddle but this does come at a cost. 

With the Glass/carbon mix in the shaft most of these paddles have a very soft flex which might be ok if you are a very light paddlers or just cruising along but if you really put the power down then they can over flex which is bad two ways, one is it takes all the power out of your stroke and two higher chance of breaking the more it flexes.


*price is midrange, so a bit easier on the wallet.

*Better than Alloy in that they are much lighter and good for touring or just general paddling

*Can be tough against knock and drops


*Can be to flexi

*No good for distance paddling

*Not really good for stronger or heavier paddlers


Full Carbon:

So here we are at the TOP END paddles the ones that make you shiver when the guy in the shop tells you the price, so are they worth it or is it just a over kill and a waste of money? Well 100% it is worth it as long as we are talking about good top end paddles that have done real development then you will real feel the difference. 

A nice full carbon paddle is super light they will have some flex but not to much (this can vary a bit as well depending on brand) and after going for a paddle where over a 8km distance you might do 2000 strokes plus your body will 100% thank you for spending that little bit more. 



*Can be very nice on the body if you get one with the right amount of flex to stiffness ratio

*Very strong(more on this later)

*Very efficient at getting power from the rider to the paddle to get the board moving



*Can be fragile(more below on this)

*Maybe not so great for the kids as a play paddle


So i touched on the Full carbon paddles and how they are very strong but - there is a BUT, to a point so here is what i mean for this. 

If you look after your paddle and make sure you don’t knock the shaft around don't drop it on the ground or just throw it in the back of the ute then it should just about last forever but if you are rough with it or somehow give it a hard knock then it could break very easy the next time you paddle it. Carbon is very strong right up until it gets a fracture and then it will break on they point with hardly any force. 

Paddles have warranty’s like any product and if there is something wrong with the paddle it should show on the very first few strokes you take, if you have been paddling for a week or month or a year and then it just breaks for no reason you will find in 99% of cases that you might have damaged it in a previous session or when you accidentally dropped it on the ground it your rush to the waves.

Remember Paddles VERY rarely break for no reason!!!

Screenshot 2019-02-09 15.26.41.png

Happy Paddling , Foiling and look after your Paddles