Surprising results found - EVO 2.0!

Surprising results found from the EVO 2.0!!

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With the release of the EVO 2.0 happening around the world and boards soon to be unpacked we thought we would just give a bit more of a insight in to how good this board is and what you might be looking a using it for. 

Do you want the performance and feel of a dugout board but with out the hassle that come’s with the full dugout boards? Then this is the EVO 2.0!

This is the first flat deck board we have ridden that has been able to match what a Storm can do when it’s full Downwind but also have the endless advantages of the super user friendly flat deck. Having tested it against the Storm series boards we have come up with the below comparison which might just surprise a few people. 

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Heavy downwind

Storm , this is what this board is made for it is a get on and let the board do the hard work for you. The storm requires very little input from the rider and is not a board that requires a huge amount of foot trimming. You can focus on timing and paddling and this is why the STORM line of boards has been so popular. 

EVO 2.0, so this is where in the past the STORM might have really blown the EVO line of boards away but not any longer. You will now find many of the STORM features in the EVO 2.0 and now is a board that is right at home in the heavy Downwind conditions. Yes the EVO 2.0 will require a bit more foot work but this is what is making this board so fun! A board that you can steer from the middle by just leaning on the rails or by stepping back on the super stable tail and surfing the bumps how they are meant to be surfed. We have found with just a bit more rider input whilst down winding the EVO 2.0 the EVO 2.0 can match a STORM.


Storm 2.0 is still a master when it comes to the upwind side of paddling with it's full nose and super pin tail the up wind ability is just unmatched. 

EVO 2.0 is much improved in the upwind ability but what makes it so great in other areas holds the up wind ability's back a little. We feel with how good EVO 2.0 board is in other areas, it was a good sacrifice and really who likes paddling up wind anyway!!LOL


SURF / Beach Racing:

Storm 2.0

is not a surf SUP race board but at it’s best it can handle going in and out through the surf to get to the downwind grounds but if you are looking for a board to catch waves on then this is not it, but it just so happens we have a board that might just be perfect!!

EVO 2.0

Now this board in the surf is amazing! It will surf the waves in with easy and pick up the tinniest bumps possible this really is a board that will reignite your fire to get back in to BOP racing. Made to be one of the toughest race boards on the market today it will put your mind at ease about what might have once happened to you fragile carbon race board and replace that fear with pure pleasure as you are pushing yourself like you never thought you would.


STORM 2.0 and EVO 2.0 are both very good in the flat, they might never glide as well as a pure flat water board but they will definitely be able to sit on the wash of flat water boards, while you just kick back and take a rest. The way both of these boards can find any bump or ripple is just crazy and if you do have to paddle glassy water by your self then both of these boards can do it perfectly fine. In fact the EVO 2.0 would also make a super fun touring board!! 

OVERALL: If you are wanting a pure downwind race board and want to go as fast as possible then yeah the STORM 2.0 is a killer board and you will love it but if you want that board that can downwind as good as anything but also open up the wave riding side and is still a super crazy easy board to ride then the EVO 2.0 might just be the ONE board quiver. 

Don't just take our word for it try and find a ONE dealer and sort a demo of this board as soon as it lands and we guarantee it will stoke you out as much as it has us