Junior Profile - Maddie Mcasey

We at ONE love supporting and watching our younger SUP’ers Learn and Grow. So we thought there is no better way then to introduce you to our Little Stars around the World 1 by 1.

Starting with young MADDIE MCASEY from New Zealand.


Name - Maddie Mcasey

Live - Auckland, New Zealand

Q. What Conditions do you like?

A. I love being in the surf and technical racing.

Q. How was it competing at ISA China Last year?

A. Competing in China was an amazing experience it was my first time racing outside my own country. I also broke my collarbone before and l recovered after surgery with only one month to train. I wasn’t at my fitness point but i was still pretty fit. I also had to do the 18km race as Annabel Anderson was injured. It was my first time a have ever done 18Km. I didn’t come last and it was the hardest conditions i have been in but it was an amazing experience and l would love to do a surf race overseas.

Q. What is your favourite type of SUP Racing?

A. This is definitely Surf racing because it’s so technical.

Q. Any people that have helped you along the way so far?

A. Yes definitely my family, my coaches and the people that i race with. Also Annabel Anderson she has been there a lot for me and was there from the beginning.

Q. What are your Goals for SUP Future?

A. Goals for the future i guess is just trying to be the best racer i can be and hopefully one day be at the Top of womens racing.

Q. What Events would you like to do?

A. Events l would like to do is race in Australia and do a downwind race in Hawaii but l still want to be the best female in NZ and see from there and be the best paddle i can be.

Thank you Maddie and we hope we can help you grow and look forward to watching you race. Thank you to Ocean Culture Auckland for helping Maddie enjoy her SUP racing.