11 city tour

11 Cities Holland Board

It has had to be one of the SEXEST boards EVER!

HOLLOW - EDGE PRO 2.0 - Special 11 Cities Tour Edition

HOLLOW - EDGE PRO 2.0 - Special 11 Cities Tour Edition

Getting this board made has been one Hell of a story! Not to mention the mission actually getting it to the start of the SUP 11 Cities race Holland. A massive amount of work by our amazing factory to get what we think is one of the best looking boards ever made to the point of being ready in the super short time frame we gave them, well is just amazing and just cements why we get our board made here. These guys are not just our board makers they are so much more more and this is why we can produce amazing things like this.


But getting this board made was just half the story and as i am sure Chris Parker AKA “SUP RACER” will go into more detail getting this board from the factory to the actual event has been a whole new story within its self but really this is all part of the fun and adventure that we do this great sport for and if it was easy all the time then really how much fun would that be!! Nothing like a 24 hrs visit to pick up a Board to only never leave with it lol.


This is the NEW EDGE PRO 2.0 HOLLOW in all its glory, it has a full custom paint work and all under 10kg, this board is made for speed and those who want to go fast!!

Do you want your own board like this? contact us today and we can either put you in contact with one of our importers or if you would like to just deal direct with us then please just shoot us a email and lets get one of these boards under your feet ASAP.

This very special board was based around the 11 Cities SUP Tour in Northern Holland (Friesland) hence the Special Friesland Flag Graphics but also is a very special board in collaboration with SUP RACER the man himself as he is racing this board the 220km through northern holland in the 11 Cities 5 day race.


The board is also special in the fact this will be the first HOLLOW Edge Pro 2.0 in Europe for everyone to see.

Thank you to SUP 11 City Tour , SUP RACER and our ONE Factory Team

It is also FOR SALE!!! So if you are interested be sure to contact the man himself SUP RACER as this board will be SOLD




So after SUP racer released the EDGE pro 2.0 yesterday at the SUP 11 CITY TOUR in Holland we have had many questions, so we thought we would answer a bunch of these here so everyone can get the answers at the same time.

Question 1: Does it only come in 21.5” and 23.5” sizes?

Answer: No, the 14ft Edge PRO 2.0 can come in any size you like but if you want it in Hollow then these are the 21.5 and 23.5 sizes, if you want a size out side this then it has to be made in Carbon skin in ultralight or standard carbon. If we get a lot of requests for a larger size in Hollow then we will look at this option so please if you would like wider then let us know.

Question 2: Does it turn?

Answer: Yes and it turns quite well, it can take a bit of practice but once you work it out you can turn it as good as most square tail boards.

Question 3: Is the custom colour you did for the 11 cities board just a one off?

Answer: No, we can do custom colours on any board and if you pre-order then this is a option you can take advantage of. If you check out our pages or website you will see many different colour combos.

Question 4: Who is a board like this for?

Answer: Well, If you are someone who wants the fastest then this is the kind of board you are more than likely wanting. Maybe not the best first board for someone but if you want a board for all these long distance races where glide of the board is key then this is it. A lot of our top riders will race this board and it will and anyone that is looking for that something extra.

Question 5: Is it a boat or canoe?

Answer: Haha this is always a funny one and the answer is of course is no it is 100% a stand up paddle board. Gone are the days when we were just trying to make over size surfboards and if you want to go fast then shapes like this are the way that it has to be. With our sport also so diverse and really only a small part has anything to do with the surfing side we do feel that a majority of people now paddling have no problem with boards now heading in this direction.

Question 6: Are these for sale yet?

Answer: Yes, these are now in full production and we have already shipped many out, if you would like to order one please contact us and we can either help you direct or help put you in contact with someone who has them on order.

Do you have more questions? please feel free to ask away and we will do our best to answer them or send us an email directly to jacko@onestanduppaddle.com or angie@onestanduppaddle.com