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11 Cities Holland Board

It has had to be one of the SEXEST boards EVER!

HOLLOW - EDGE PRO 2.0 - Special 11 Cities Tour Edition

HOLLOW - EDGE PRO 2.0 - Special 11 Cities Tour Edition

Getting this board made has been one Hell of a story! Not to mention the mission actually getting it to the start of the SUP 11 Cities race Holland. A massive amount of work by our amazing factory to get what we think is one of the best looking boards ever made to the point of being ready in the super short time frame we gave them, well is just amazing and just cements why we get our board made here. These guys are not just our board makers they are so much more more and this is why we can produce amazing things like this.


But getting this board made was just half the story and as i am sure Chris Parker AKA “SUP RACER” will go into more detail getting this board from the factory to the actual event has been a whole new story within its self but really this is all part of the fun and adventure that we do this great sport for and if it was easy all the time then really how much fun would that be!! Nothing like a 24 hrs visit to pick up a Board to only never leave with it lol.


This is the NEW EDGE PRO 2.0 HOLLOW in all its glory, it has a full custom paint work and all under 10kg, this board is made for speed and those who want to go fast!!

Do you want your own board like this? contact us today and we can either put you in contact with one of our importers or if you would like to just deal direct with us then please just shoot us a email and lets get one of these boards under your feet ASAP.

This very special board was based around the 11 Cities SUP Tour in Northern Holland (Friesland) hence the Special Friesland Flag Graphics but also is a very special board in collaboration with SUP RACER the man himself as he is racing this board the 220km through northern holland in the 11 Cities 5 day race.


The board is also special in the fact this will be the first HOLLOW Edge Pro 2.0 in Europe for everyone to see.

Thank you to SUP 11 City Tour , SUP RACER and our ONE Factory Team

It is also FOR SALE!!! So if you are interested be sure to contact the man himself SUP RACER as this board will be SOLD




So after SUP racer released the EDGE pro 2.0 yesterday at the SUP 11 CITY TOUR in Holland we have had many questions, so we thought we would answer a bunch of these here so everyone can get the answers at the same time.

Question 1: Does it only come in 21.5” and 23.5” sizes?

Answer: No, the 14ft Edge PRO 2.0 can come in any size you like but if you want it in Hollow then these are the 21.5 and 23.5 sizes, if you want a size out side this then it has to be made in Carbon skin in ultralight or standard carbon. If we get a lot of requests for a larger size in Hollow then we will look at this option so please if you would like wider then let us know.

Question 2: Does it turn?

Answer: Yes and it turns quite well, it can take a bit of practice but once you work it out you can turn it as good as most square tail boards.

Question 3: Is the custom colour you did for the 11 cities board just a one off?

Answer: No, we can do custom colours on any board and if you pre-order then this is a option you can take advantage of. If you check out our pages or website you will see many different colour combos.

Question 4: Who is a board like this for?

Answer: Well, If you are someone who wants the fastest then this is the kind of board you are more than likely wanting. Maybe not the best first board for someone but if you want a board for all these long distance races where glide of the board is key then this is it. A lot of our top riders will race this board and it will and anyone that is looking for that something extra.

Question 5: Is it a boat or canoe?

Answer: Haha this is always a funny one and the answer is of course is no it is 100% a stand up paddle board. Gone are the days when we were just trying to make over size surfboards and if you want to go fast then shapes like this are the way that it has to be. With our sport also so diverse and really only a small part has anything to do with the surfing side we do feel that a majority of people now paddling have no problem with boards now heading in this direction.

Question 6: Are these for sale yet?

Answer: Yes, these are now in full production and we have already shipped many out, if you would like to order one please contact us and we can either help you direct or help put you in contact with someone who has them on order.

Do you have more questions? please feel free to ask away and we will do our best to answer them or send us an email directly to or

Let's Talk Race Board Constructions...


We are always pushing ourselves at ONE to only bring you the best gear, have a read below as we have a pretty cool release coming soon.




So as you will notice at ONE ocean sports we have a few different constructions and we thought now would be a good time to explain a little about each and where each constructions strength and weakness are. 


This is as it sounds and is a thin carbon skin over a foam core, we use this construction on a lot of the race boards as we can get good weights and still keep good overall strength in the board. It allows us to make a very stiff race board and a board that has a great feel. Probably one of the downsides is it can be a bit fragile to hard knocks and with only quite a thin skin it can ding. We at ONE do Carbon skin boards in a range of levels with Standard Carbon and Ultralight. 

The models we use carbon skin technology (Standard and Ultralight) on are…. 

14ft & 12’6ft STORM

14ft & 12’6ft EVO PRO




Over the years we have been bringing into the ONE line up the PVC sandwich boards, this construction we feel is one of the best on the market it offers very high strength to weight ratios and also allows for a very responsive flex in the boards. Race boards we offer “3” different constructions in the PVC sandwich, Listed below

Where the molded PVC boards really stand out is durability they can handle the knocks far better and one of the reasons we use this construction so much is the strength we get when taking these boards into the waves


This is a PVC wrapped top and rails with a wood bottom in a full epoxy glass layup, this is a little heavier than the other constructions but every thing else stays the same so you still get one of the best shapes in a very tough construction. 


This is a fully wrapped PVC boards with a epoxy half carbon to half glass mix, this construction is really the best of both worlds giving amazing durability and a weight that is equal to most top brands full carbon boards if not even lighter. 


Now this is the top end it is FULL PVC wrapped and Full carbon board it offers the best in weight to strength that the market has. 


14ft EVO 2.0

14ft EDGE 2.0

Molded in 3 Levels of Construction

Boards in the MOLDED PVC construction are

14ft EDGE 2.0 series

14ft EVO 2.0 Series

All production SURF sup's

All production foil and crossover foil boards

Touring boards




Yes that’s right this is something we have been working on now for a while and feel the time is right to now slowly start introducing the NEW ONE HOLLOW technology.

Right now we only have 2 models in the Hollow tech but this will expand as we slowly build new molds. 

Why hollow? well do you want a advantage over your competitor then this will be why!

“Lighter stronger and stiffer are just the start!”

Having most of the boards weight right under the standing area and reducing the swing weight in the nose, getting a board that feels so alive under your feet that nothing comes close this is HOLLOW. 

Who is hollow for? I guess its first target is the racer the person who wants the best, it will not be a board at the budget end but will be a board for those who want high end quality it will be the board you buy when you want it to out last everything else.

For those that already paddle Skis or any kind of hollow craft this will give you that feeling that you might have lacked when trying standard stand up paddle race boards.

So what are the down sides to hollow? Well one of the biggest down sides is you have to make a mold so changing shapes all the time is not possible and this is why we are bringing them in over time. We have started with our 14ft STORM series and will be adding sizes as we go, we have chosen boards that have been tested and proven to be race winning boards that also are user friendly. This has been part of the ONE goal from the very start and our main objective is to make fast boards but to keep them super user friendly so that the normal person can paddle and feel super comfortable on and this will continue right though our whole line up.

So what boards are made hollow right now?

Right now we have the following ready to go.

14 x 23 STORM 2.0 (Wider Sizes are being worked on NOW)

17'11 x 23 Unlimited

I know what you are thinking and these are just for the pros and top end racers and yes they are but these were the test shapes and the ones we have been able to put the hours into, we are now looking at expanding the 14ft STORM “HOLLOW” line with the wider sizes so if you are interested please contact us so we can get some feed back on the perfect widths to make!!


FINAL NOTE - Keep an Eye Out for ONE Team Rider Kenny Kaneko at this years Molokai 2 Oahu as he will be racing on a 17’11 x 23” HOLLOW Unlimited.

We hope this has given you a little more insight into what we here at ONE are about!!

Our Pick TOP 3 Downwind and Flat Water must do Races around the World…..

Our Pick of the TOP 3 Downwind and Flat Water must do Races around the World…. and if you haven’t done any on our List below well we suggest you do

Down Wind

  1. Gorge Paddle Challenge - Hood River USA

  2. Maui to Molokai - Hawaii

  3. King of the Cut - Perth Australia

Flat Water

  1. 11 Cities Tour - Holland

  2. Bilbao - Spain

  3. Gla Gla - Lake Annecy France

So you want to get a bucket list of Fun races to get to? Not sure where to start or what ones to choose? We have done some work for you. As we have been to pretty much most of the major races and events around the world.

'18NaishCGPCDay1.Gorge-UsPhotography (67 of 77).jpg

Now if it’s max fun and Downwind your after then you can’t go past the 3 on our list.

At number 3 we have King of the Cut - Perth Australia

Race Length - 25km (16 miles)

Race Conditions - Open Indian Ocean Swells

KOTC week will be close to the best week of your life downwinding. Clear Warm Ocean waters and the Seabreeze blows every single day, in fact after 4 days straight of wind and doing double downwind runs you need to take a break. This place will wreck you if you don’t pace yourself. Held in the coastal town Mandurah which is about 1 hour drive south of Perth and the Airport you will find yourself based here all week. It’s pretty cheap so if you are on a budget there are all types of accomodation to book. All week you will see all paddle crafts playing on the 12km run from Falcon bay to Mandurah. Know your limits with this place thou, remember this is the Indian Ocean and there is nothing between Perth and South Africa and it can be a wild section of open ocean. The Perth SUP crew are great and will welcome you with open arms. Mandurah On the Western Australia Coastline you will find nothing but amazing White sandy beaches with hardly anyone around, be warned the Sun here will Burn you. After your week here you will leave feeling Sun and wind Burnt and especially Salty. Enjoy!

It has a very easy put in and take out with very little swell ever being a problem. You will get some of the fastest runs of your life here and very well worth getting to!

Contact -


At number 2 Downwind Race we have put Maui to Molokai - Hawaii

Race Length - 42km (26 miles)

Race Conditions - Inter Island Crossing between Maui to Molokai Ocean Swells

M2M has to be on very single Downwind Paddles Bucket List, it’s truly amazing and fun. Clear Waters and crossing between the 2 islands is something you will remember forever. The scenery is like nothing else when you get closer to Molokai, sort of makes you forget any pain you might be feeling at the halfway point. Keep in mind these crossing is bigger swells and you really have to have confidence in yourself before you even line up at the start line. The rewards is amazing once you finish at the tiny little boat shed and entrance to molokai boat harbour, you actually are hard pressed to see it and paddlers have been known to go straight passed it. Once finished you pretty much pack up and load up your boat ride back across the channel to maui. All done in 1 massive day. Or you can choose to stay overnight and do the Molokai race which is just the last half of the M2M which is also amazing. Good thing is you can choose to just do the big one M2M or make it huge weekend do the next day aswell.

A big bouns with this event is the lead up week or weeks if you are lucky enough as you will want to base your self on Maui and while here you can take advantage of the maliko run which in it's own right is one of the worlds best Down wind runs, If you are into any kind of downwinding then this is paradise.

Contact -

At number 1 (Top Spot) you just can’t go past Gorge Paddle Challenge - Hood River USA

Race Length - Double DW 22km (13.5 miles) Elites or Single DW run for Opens

Race Conditions - Gorge with Current Against Wind situation

As far as races, community and conditions go you really can’t top Hood river. This amazing little town along the edge of the Columbia gorge is about 1 hour drive inland from Portland airport. Amazingly enough you can be driving out along the Columbia and there might not be a breath of wind but as you drive further into the amazing gorge you will start to see White Caps and then as you come up to Hood river you will see the most amazing site of a Sea of White Caps like nothing you have seen before. The Perfect Learners Spot right up to Elites races. There is a reason most of the World's Top Downwind Races spend at least 3 to 4 weeks in Hood River before the event, it’s FUN. If there is no wind (Rare) there is also a huge amount of hiking, white water or mountain biking fun to be had.

The Gorge can also have a serious side, so we must stress the fact to make sure you have all your safety equipment on whilst DW in Hood river or you might find yourself meeting the local water sheriff. On it’s day in the Gorge it will blow your mind, endless groomed bumps and you will surf left to right the whole way. The gorge is unique in the way the current runs towards the ocean but wind is a funnel effect, so you have wind against current. If there was ever a Downwind race you wanted to be apart of then this one has to be the top of your list asap.

Why have we put this at number 1? well it's just the ease of use for all levels, yes number 2 and 3 might be faster and bigger but just as a spot that is super freindly to all levels then Hood river comes out on top. Not to forget the awesome Brewery’s in town, there is nothing like having a Big Burger or Pizza and Beer at one of the many great Brewery’s in Town after a huge day Downwinding on the Columbia.

Contact -


So Downwind isn’t your thing but you want to get to some top Flat water Grind races, well we have picked the top 3 we think represents a Good time and good racing.

At number 3 we have Gla Gla Race, Lake Annecy in France

Distance - Long and short Course options

Conditions - FREEZING COLD and Flat Water Lake

In the Freezing Cold 2018 they had 494 Paddlers!! Yes that’s right! Now this place is in Mid Winter and is snowing with Ice but yet there is something about this race that seems to get a lot paddlers including some of the World’s Elite. Well it could be the Scenery considering it is on a Lake surrounded by amazing mountains with Food and wine to Die for  with warm fires in your accommodation. This race is crazy but amazing! The water is a huge 4c (39F) so you have to paddle in a Drysuit cos if you do fall in, well then it’s race over. With an expected 900 paddles on the start line for the 2019 race we think there is something about this race that seems to attract people, we should probably all go do it once.

Contact -


Number 2 of our Flat water Races Bilbao - Spain

Distance - 14km (8.5miles)

Conditions - Summertime Spanish Heat, River water

Why? Well this race has been running a long time and also because it’s in one of the most wonderful old town Spanish cities on Earth. Inland race that runs right thru the centre of Old Town Bilbao, you will race between some of the oldest buildings in history and not to mention right past the Guggenheim museum. Spend a whole week here before the race exploring this amazing old town, eat of awesome spanish food, drink a coffee and watch it all unfold right in front of you. You fly straight into Bilbao airport and it’s an easy $15 Taxi ride to city centre where you will find the race is and there is plenty of Airbnb accommodations to book, or hotels. You won’t need a car as you can walk to everything. The FOOD well be ready to eat some and eat more!! The race itself normally get hundreds of people so what seems like a flat water race quickly turns into a wishwash bumpy river, so something to be ready for.   

Contact -

Number 1 and TOP of our List - 11 Cities Race - Holland

Distance - 220km (137 Miles)

Conditions - Weather could be anything, Flat Water Canals Circuit

Well as far Flat Water races go this crazy race is a must for just at least once. This race will grab you in a Love Hate relationship, most people go back every single year. Be ready it’s LONG!!! Approx 45 km per day running one way through the canals in North Holland following the famous Dutch Ice Skating 11 Cities Tour Route. Staying on big Boats with fellow paddlers, so be ready to share rooms but enjoy plenty of laughs all together after a big day of racing. The race grows in numbers each year so that is saying something. Even though it’s a Flat water race you have to prepare yourself to Grind and it gets WINDY!!! So windy in fact on some of the bigger open sections you will find people on their knees with head down battling against it. This races is hard core and something you have to train for, the distance everyday will wear you down! Trust us Day 1 and 2 you will feel like ok this seems pretty easy hahaha, be warned by day 3 and 4 you wake up hardly being able to move hahahaha, Day 5 will definitely break you in some way but for some reason everyone just keeps going. The last 10km of this race on the final day are BRUTAL, for what seems like it takes forever but once you see that finish line after 5 days and 220km the pain goes! You’ve Made it! It’s a race personally myself did once and never went back, more so cos i was frekin scared! It’s HARD and l don’t like to fail but this race will test you to your wits end. I could go on and on about this race but you really just have to go do it yourself, just do it once.

Contact -


So the choice is yours to make. As l have experienced all but 1 of these races and i can highly recommend them all. All you have to now do is find one, train, commit to it and just go do it.

I hope you enjoy my Blog - Angela Jackson / One Ocean Sports

Learning to Downwind Foil

So with the Downwind foil starting to get more and more poplar we thought we would run through a few tips that will really help to get you started. We will break it down from the very start and go in to what gear you will need what conditions you should start with and how to start. 

What level do I need to be to start downwinding? 

When it comes to Foil downwinding it requires a bit of practice in other areas to really make the most of it and to really get ahead of the learning curve. There are quite a few things to help speed up the process. 

1: Learn behind a boat as this will give you good foil balance, make sure you are letting go of the rope and just riding the wake and trying to go from one wake to another.

2: Get in the waves as this can really help, learning to catch a wave and then pump from one wave to another is a key part. Many times while DW foiling you need to transition from bump to bump so learning to stay up on the foil while not on a wave is good practice.

3: Pumping up in the flatwater, now this might not be something that everyone can achieve but is still something that should be practiced as it helps with timing and with a lot of foiling timing is a real key to success.  We will be releasing a how to Flatwater pump up soon so check it out as it might help for this.


What conditions are best for learning? 

Conditions play a huge part in learning and picking the right days to go might be the difference between success and failure. 

1: Small swell with the wind straight behind you is the first part, you want small swell as it moves slower and when you are learning you will more than likely be on a bigger wing so if the swell is big and moving fast then these swells can out run the bigger foils and it can make it very hard to learn. 

Pick your Days to Learn, small surf like in Video above
2: Wind behind you and 20 knots plus is idea  as you will be mostly riding wind chop to start with. Having the wind behind you allows you to angle both ways across the swell with ease and takes away the only tracking one way which can be harder when learning. Having good solid wind also help with the getting up and creates more wedges in the ocean which we use to pump up on. 

If you time it right you can pump up without even really paddling but you have to really work on timing and picking the right bumps to go for.

Screenshot 2019-01-05 11.46.46.png

What gear do I need? 

This is also very important and you really have to sort the gear to the conditions you are learning in. 

Production Boards

Maybe a Custom?

Foils: When learning it is always better to be over foiled which means too big a foil as if you are under foiled you will spend way too much time just trying to get up as opposed to over foiled where it should be easier to get up and then once up its just learning to control what’s going on. Paddling a 5 to 7ft board is no fun over a long distance so being up on the foil is far more fun. 

Look at the conditions you are about to go out in as well for example if you lived in Hawaii you might learn on a smaller wing than say the guys on the East coast of Australia where winds are far lighter so they will need larger wings. 


Mast heights:  At the start we were all using 60cm masts but now its 75-90cm masts and the longer masts really help as the bumps get bigger and you will breach far less with the longer masts. Please note that the longer masts can be a litter harder to get up with when first using them.

Boards:  Like in the beginning of the sport really any board will work and if you have to save money, just converting an old SUP can work but the more you get into it the more you realize the Downwind foil boards that are built for the job are far better.

You want to ride as short as you can where you are still comfortable to paddle around, if your board is too small and you cannot paddle it so well then you will find it hard to put enough power in to the paddle strokes to get you up and this will make life hard. Keeping the board nice and light also helps as does getting one with nice bevelled rails and the right amount of tail kick after the foil boxes.


All these little things can really add up and this can be the difference in how long it takes to learn.

Please check out the Video’s here and we hope that you learn something from them. You can also contact us at ONE Ocean Sports via the contact page and we will endeavour to help you out.

The first sessions in DW: Now this is from personal experience and the first few DW sessions can be frustrating so keep them short, we recommend no longer than 5km as it is pretty physical and if you are working hard to get up and stay up then by the end of 5km you probably will not have enough energy left to get up any more anyway. You will know when you can go longer but set goals of staying up for a certain distance, mine was getting to that 1km without coming down and once I got to this it all really just started to click. 

Hood River Downwind Foiling

Once it does click you can do 20km or longer at a very easy physical rate and it will go from something that was super hard to something very easy!!

Don't give up as the reward is well worth it as you will see in the video’s below and even though the first few times will be tough it will get easier and once it does it will be one of the greatest things you ever do!!